Travel Green

Travel. Any chance you get, go for it! The experience and knowledge you get from traveling is valuable. I have been blessed to experience many cultures in my time here on this planet. It’s taught me to appreciate my life and all I have. My first experience out of the county was when I went to Guatemala. Two words, CULTURE SHOCK. Just seeing how my own family lives there made me appreciate and be thankful for the life my parents gave me. Just eating out is a luxury for people there. 

   What shocked me the most was seeing kids scavenging in piles of trash for any type of food to survive. Just like Guatemala many other 3rd world countries have the same problems. Poverty and the lack of recycling or properly disposing of trash is a major issue. The landfills are full and just keep growing. Our earth will continue to deteriorate if we don't put a stop to all our bad habits.

    Especially as tourist we leave large carbon footprints when we travel to foreign countries. We are on vacation so I get it, thinking green is not on the top of our lists but, there are plenty of ways to help decrease our footprint. One way I help is by bringing my own reusable straws when I travel. It is so convenient and easy to carry in your purse. Or even something as little as using reusable shopping bags really helps, in Hawaii they do not offer shoppers plastic bags but sell you reusable bags and thats something that needs to be implemented all over the world. 


One thing I never leave behind is my tumbler. They are available everywhere and will keep your drinks COLD or hot. Think a hot day on vacation at the beach and you open your tumbler and your cold drink is still cool with the ice cubes in tack. It's perfect and so much better than buying plastic water bottles. Many hotels I've stayed at even have filtered water stations to fill up your bottle with. 

I have made a list of eco-friendly products that I use that may come in handy for your next travel adventure.