Just one makes a difference

Everyone says that working in an office is an easy job. All we do is sit in the air conditioning, with our heads to a screen and file documents. Although we do not have to climb ladders, lift heavy objects, or handle sharp equipment there is a drawback that no one wants to talk about. Papercuts. Of course, you are thinking… Papercuts? Yes, this is a serious issue. Fast filing and quick thinking are to blame and immediately punished by the quick slice of your finger that you watch happen but couldn’t stop. Death by 1000 cuts was banned in China in 1905. The torture method of choice for the average office worker in 2021.  

As anger builds up you start thinking, how in the world do I stop this from happening again? Why are we using so much paper? Is the universe trying to tell me something? Then the research begins. 

The average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper per year which is about equal to one tree. We do not have to do crazy math to figure out that office workers contribute to deforestation. Some easy hacks to cut down on this are obviously to print on both sides of the paper, encouraging people to make payments and giving receipts electronically and getting rid of your post it notes. The one hack that is completely underrated is the flash drive.

Other than being pocket sized, flash drives can hold and save sometimes more than 64,000 sheets of paper. Image if instead of printing a mountain of documents for people to ruin, and eventually just ask for another copy, they were handed a flash drive that they can access and send all their documents at any time. Save a tree, buy a flash drive, and prevent your next infuriating papercut.